Mark DuPré is a film professor, musician, and a full-time pastor at a church* near Rochester NY. He is currently teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology, an incredible institution doing amazing work that is only beginning to learn how to properly market itself. His main class is called Introduction to Film. The class goes into HOW the art of film works, delving into cinematography, color, mise-en-scène (have I lost you yet?), editing, acting, screenplay, etc. It’s a totally cool class, and a stress-reliever for the professor, believe it or not.

He has the nerve to do this blog because he has two degrees from Columbia University in film, and most people don’t. Plus he’s really getting up there, and the only up side to that is that he has some thinking and history to draw on. Plus he’s had enough experience working for various publications that his writing isn’t completely embarrassing.

* Christ Community Church, Brockport, NY (www.cccbrockport.org)

Note: The author’s other sites are http://www.markdupre.com, http://www.dedicatedtogrammar.com,  and http://www.actlikeagrownup.com.

2 Responses to About

  1. Carly says:

    Great blog! I’m a student at RIT whose minoring in film studies, so what a weird coincidence. I blog mainly about movies too. Keep up the good work.

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